#135 ~Home Office


Genus project

-✧ C R E D I T S ✧-

✧Body Information
⌑ Body: Legacy Perky
⌑ Head: Genus – Strange w001 ♡Mainstore

⌑ Hair: DOUX // Tainy ♡Mainstore
⌑ Brows: [L] Eva // Tintable Brows ♡Harajuku

⌑ Top: Blueberry // 4/11 Deal ♡Mainstore
⌑ Bottom: Lowen // Normani Shorts ♡LEVEL Event
⌑ Coat: =Zenith= Off Shoulder Faux Fur Coat ♡N21 Event

✧ S C E N E R Y ✧

Tarte x Elm
⌑ Desk: tarte. x Elm. isabelle desk (white) 1
⌑ Document holder: tarte. x Elm. document holder
⌑ Lamp: tarte. x Elm. task lamp
⌑ Laptop: tarte. x Elm. office laptop (demo)
⌑ Chair: tarte. x Elm. isabelle chair – PG
⌑ Shelves: tarte. x Elm. isabelle shelving unit (white)
⌑ Roses: tarte. x Elm. vase of roses
⌑ Books: tarte. x Elm. office books
⌑ Frame: tarte. x Elm. horizontal frame
⌑ Plant: tarte. x Elm. devil’s ivy

✧Dust Bunny✧
⌑ Left Plant: dust bunny . potted palm
⌑ Right hanging Plant: dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

⌑ Shelf: [Fetch] Wren Shelf – w/ decor

⌑ Food bowls: ionic : Strawberry & Mango Breakfast
⌑ Posters: ionic : Little red Alien [poster]


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