LEGACY Body Investigation / Review


I am not sponsered to do this review, I have also not been asked to do this review.
This Review is 100% honest and completely my opinion.
Do you disagree with me, please do not give me a bad reaction / try to get into a discussion with me as it is just my opinion.
English is not my main language so bear with me as I try my best.

Lets start of with the main thing.. Purchasing the body

I have never got a more amazing buyer experience as I had with this body, the team made this amazing vendor system that helps you get trough everything — From Demo-ing the body — To light options with the body — To actually purchasing the body.
Keep in mind this body is L$ 5K which is A LOT of money for a body, however this body is not just a “shape&go” body, keep reading this review for stuff you can do with this body and why it is in my opinion worth this 5k.

The Looks of this body

The look of this body is absolutely amazing, I love the thigh-gap and the curves of the body.
Remember how for example maitreya has a painted on belly button? Well, the “11 ab” and belly button are actually meshed in on this body to make it look even more natural.
The breasts have very realistic mesh nipples to it, It’s not something I really care about as I keep my body clothed all the time but I know some of you really care about these little things.
The feet and hands on this body are very realistic, there are a lot of options for the nails as well as feet options. (I went without meshed nailes for at least a month because of the nail options this HUD has.) You can make these hands / feet very small and also very big which I really like as with most body’s the hands / feet still look too big compared to my 1.65M avatar (living the small avatar life).

Bumps / Shine

This body includes a Bump & Shine option which is given via the main HUD, however the on-hud shine option only works for the skin which comes with the hud.
Most of the time when you purchase a skin via a skin-making brand (In my case I use Deetalez) they come with shine rigged in. You can edit this shine via the Advanced Material Editor HUD..
The bumps make the body very realistic and I have never seen such a texture on another body, however keep in mind this option is mostly seen on photographs and not nescesseraly in just “playing” second life.
The shine can be seen when you turn on Advanced Lighting Model in your preferences.
Click Here for shine & bump settings

Advanced Material Editor HUD

This hud makes it able for you to edit ANYTHING on this body for example:
– Glow
– Skin Shine
– Tattoo glow / full bright options
– Adding in your OWN made Skins/Tattoo’s/Shine textures
– Tinting anything on your body
Advanced Material Editer How to

I ALWAYS use this advanced Hud before I make my tattoo applications – I can just Ctrl + drag my texture in and click confirm and it applies on the body right away.
It stays on the body untill you click the eraser tool, this is a great way of testing the location / how HD the tattoo will be.. Or just for the non-creators, you can easily add tattoo’s/skins/whatnot via this HUD as well.

You can also edit the shine on your skin via this body via the glow options (See screenshot) Edit enviroment & shine itself and turn on your Advanced Lighting Model.


The hud everyone talks about.. It holds a database of your added skins/ Tattoo’s / Nails / Neckfades / Clothes..
In my opinion it is a very nice hud, I love the layout and how easily you can search for your layer options and erase them via this hud as well.
You can easily go from alpha to settings to styles with one click.
However this hud is hard to understand from first using it, you ALWAYS have to wear it whenever you want to change something on your body/ Add tattoo’s / Change skins/ Use a applier out of your stylehud..
I never detach this HUD because it will take time going back to my Legacy folder – Finding the hud – Adding the hud & adding appliers before I can use them. So yes, you have to keep this HUD added all the time if you change up your body a lot and want to do it fast like I do.

Stylehud screenshot
Navigation hud (Minimized hud)


Alpha HUD

The alpha of this body is very nice to work with.. You can click-slide in the HUD or click certain bodyparts to hide/ unhide them. There is also a reset button in order to get all your hidden alpha back.
However there are some downsides I have experienced:
– You sometimes see small alpha lines on your body
– The hud can react pretty slow if it comes down on Alpha, I have no patience with this which results to me clicking in 10x and the alpha reacting 20 seconds later with showing/hiding 10 times in a row.
I have only experienced the slow-mode with Alpha, not with style /settings.
UPDATE: The alpha lines are on investigation and Legacy is aware of this issue

Written By TechnicianWizard:
Gaps in the body are really happening due to loss in precision when storing coordinates as floating point numbers.
Here’s some nerdy stuff if you’re interested: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html


People come to me with a lot of rumours about this body since people doubt the company with this body, thanks to Legacy I can clear/confirm  some rumours for all the users.
Thank you to the Community Organizer named Dianapierce of Legacy for investing time into those rumours and helping me out.

People tell me LEGACY body uses way more scripting as other bodies like maitreya / freya/ Slink which makes your viewer and others experience laggy.
Answer by Legacy Community Organizer:
Well not true, proof being you can still see the maitreya bodies while zoomed out on a cam sim and yet the legacy vanishes.

There has been rumours about Legacy not having the same UV’s as any other body which makes designing for this body VERY difficult.
Answer by Legacy Community Organizer:
This is very wrong, the Legacy body Devkit includes UV’s which are the same to Maitreya/Freya/Slink UV’s. The Legacy UV is actually the closest UV of bodies to match the Classic/Original Second Life UV. The HUD making for Legacy works differently, like with every body which is why there is probably a rumour going around how this is more difficult.

It is VERY hard to get a Devkit as you have to send in a picture of yourself holding an ID card to LEGACY itselves. This counts for Skin devkits & Mesh devkits.
Answer by Legacy Community Organizer
This is not true, Legacy will never ask you for your private information.
The signing goes via Adobe and your information will not be shared towards Legacy.

OMEGA will never ever be a thing with Legacy as the scripting of this body is completely different and not compatable with Omega.
Answer By Legacy Community Organizer:
Not true, the team tried implementing Omega for more than a month but had issues which is why it didn’t make the initial release. It’s something we’ll look into again after getting some other things out of the way.

Omega isn’t implemented currently, but we’re a new body so we’re accepting all feedback and suggestions. About Omega,
we did try to implement it once before, but we didn’t feel comfortable putting no-modify scripts into our products that we couldn’t
verify and check (i am sure they are fine but we have strict standards about what goes into our bodies for many reasons including security),
and even though we asked, we weren’t able to get access to modifiable omega scripts. We also faced difficulties because our body has extra layer/more cuts
than other bodies and the way we set it up made the process harder than we anticipated. It’s something we will still consider,
but first we will be putting out our easy to use applier system – available to anyone – and see how it goes. Just want to be honest
and upfront about that!

Legacy’s stylehud runs via a server, if this server closes/ Legacy closes you will never have access to your Stylehud anymore and all your appliers will not be useful anymore.
Answer By Legacy Community Organizer:
This rumour is false, all appliers work like regular appliers and can be used via the hud the creator makes.
Answer By TechnicianWizard:

We in fact have more than one server running just in case one goes down, so you don’t have to worry about
“your body becoming a paperweight” and so on. Even if miraculously all of the servers go down, you can still use your appliers,
just not by selecting them in the HUD, but in the inventory.,

– The body looks amazing
– The meshed in abs / Belly button
– The shine looks realistic
– Advanced Material Editor is SO nice
– I have never seen bumps on another body (so realistic)
– The realistic shape of the body
– Quick Customer Service
– The skins that come with the body are gorgeous

– Hud can be slow (But so can be other huds of everything, what can we expect)
– Alpha hud can be buggy if you have no patience like me
– The body is L$ 5k which can be very expencive for some
– It is hard to understand at first use, especially with the Advanced Material Editor etc.

The big question
Is this body worth the 5k it costs?

In my opinion, a big YES.. I have never had the urge to switch body after I bought it.. I can be so creative with it and I love the looks of it.
I remember before I bought this body I saw a girl walking around ACCESS and I asked her: What body is that? Since it really stood out from the rest. She told me it was the Legacy body and I still get those questions to this day. You can really see it is a high quality body, and when you use those huds you can also see how much work has been put into creating this body.

Thank you for reading my review.
– Leggy Mainstore

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